About us

Clothing optional in a house where I’m the only one who does laundry.

Hi, my name’s Monty. I write, I cook, I fix shit, I play music all around the Midwest, I’m into fiber arts, and I made a person come out of my body and you’re not allowed to let that turn me into the person you’ve always wanted me to turn into.

Punk Mum is all about taking ownership of motherhood, rather than passively letting it define you and strip you of all the things you once liked about being alive. When I first had my daughter, all of a sudden my favorite things–playing live music, fixing things, having piercings & tats–became forbidden fruit, tempting me from giving my daughter a “normal, healthy” upbringing. Out of spite, I have joined a more successful band, learned how to fix even more things, and gotten more piercings & tats.

I’m raising my daughter to actively invite people to help her define who she is, rather than passively let others do it for her. I’m a student of social work, formerly a student of health sciences. I’m not very mature and I’m cool with that. I don’t think it’s made Kitten worse for the wear. I’m an outstanding homemaker, an average lover, and a pretty subpar partner and I can admit all of those things honestly.

  1. delightfullaura

    Hi , ive nominated your for the versatile blogger award. I thought your blog was amazing! theres more about it on my page, keep up the good work!

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