Asking “Was it molestation?” is like asking “Was it racist?” The answer is probably “Yes.”

I’m going to engage in a full boycott of Lena Dunham’s work until she takes personal responsibility for her actions and admits that what she did was wrong.

I don’t mean she needs to reveal that she’s a pedophile (she’s not), that she traumatized her sister (she didn’t), or that she hasn’t sought help for her character defects throughout her short life (she has). I just want her to admit that she was wrong.

Today, Grace Dunham tweeted in favor & full support of her sister…

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Thanks, Crafted in Carhartt!

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Can I just take a moment to gush about how fucking cool it is that Punk Mum is being followed by Crafted in Carhartt? This blog features women doing manual work & skilled trades. This is raw to me because we really need to start representing more women doing blue collar work, be it a livelihood or a leisure. Crafted in Carhartt, expect some hella-fangirl submissions of me rebuilding my motorcycle when I pick it up in January.